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Simon Capel

BA Hons, BSc Hons Ost Med, GOSC Registered Osteopath Simon Capel After gaining valuable experience working in Private Practice settings around Surrey and West Sussex, Simon opened the Parkview Clinic in 2007. Much like Simon's career experience, the clinic has a strong focus on the treatment on mechanical and structural pain in the human body.

Simon graduated from the Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine and went on to work along side some of the leading Osteopaths in the area as well as gaining skills working closely with Physiotherapists in the sports injury and pitch side settings.

Like most therapists in this sector, a large proportion of his time is spent treating conditions of the lower back and neck; however, Simon also has a keen interest in the treatment of conditions affecting children and expectant mothers. Other areas of interest include the treatment of Shoulder disorders, Arthritic pain, Postural problems and Sports Injuries.

At post graduate level Simon has attained further qualifications in Medical Acupuncture / Dry-needling, Fitting of Prescription Orthotics, Kinesio Taping, Ultrasound & Electrotherapy treatments.

Abby Attwood

Abby Attwood Clinical and Remedial Massage Therapist

Abby first qualified in 2005 with a VTCT in Swedish Massage, and more recently graduated in Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy with the well-respected JING institute. She works with a variety of clients and offers treatments individually tailored for clients with specific pathologies to sporting injuries and general stress and tension relief. A combination of advanced massage techniques such as deep tissue massage, myofascial release, soft tissue release, stretching and trigger point therapy, can provide treatment of common pain conditions such as back problems, sciatica, herniated disc, frozen shoulder, sporting injury, headaches, RSI and osteoarthritis.

Clinical massage is a non-invasive therapy that encourages healing. It is for everyone who is experiencing musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction of the soft tissue.

Clinical Massage is outcome based massage and offers effective relief from chronic pain including after-care advise to manage pain conditions.

Grant Steele

Grant Steele Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist

Grant has worked as a sports and therapeutic massage therapist for over seven years.

As a sportsman himself and working as first team, pitch side sports therapist for various sports clubs he has a empathetic and in-depth knowledge of sports injuries and rehabilitation.

Working closely with Old Reigation rugby club has given him the opportunity to further improve his skills by handling an array of injuries along with the demands of sportsmen to be fully functioning as quickly as possible.

His treatments cater for a host of abilities and lifestyles. His clients presenting with SCIATIC PAINS, NECK and SHOULDER problems, SHIN SPLINTS and BACK ISSUES of all types. A variety of people from all walks of life seek his expertise, from TREE SURGENS to OFFICE WORKERS and POLICE OFFICERS to ELITE ATHELETES.

He combines deep tissue massage with muscle energy techniques as well as stretching and rehabilitation advice to provide a professional and friendly atmosphere at competitive, affordable prices.

Confidentiality and privacy are maintained throughout all your treatments.

Kevin Lambert

Kevin Lambert Osteopathic Medicine BSc (Hons), International Sports Therapist Diploma (VAI)

In addition to being a registered Osteopath and Sports Therapist, Kevin has competed additional post graduate qualifications in Sports Taping & strapping (Proactive Training), Pitch side Sports First Aid & AED (ITC), Kinesio taping KT1 & 2 (Kinesio Uk) & Dry Needling (Dr Anthony Campbell).

Kevin moved from Yorkshire 15 months ago to join the team at Parkview Clinic. He brought with him first team rugby League sports injury experience along with Osteopathic experience from a successful clinic in Huddersfield.

While working at Parkview, Kevin continues to offers a professional service to the residents of Reigate and the surrounding area.

Kevin approaches his treatments with both classical and structural osteopathic approaches and uses both Dry needling and Kinesio taping to aid rehabilitation and recuperation.

Kevin's future aspirations at Parkview are to continue to offers the highest quality of treatment and uphold the clinics already outstanding reputation.

Nigel Kettle

Nigel Kettle BSc Hons Ost Med, GOSC & BOA Registered Osteopath

I was born in 1962 and initially trained at the 'Raworth Centre' in Dorking as a 'Complementary Health Practitioner', achieving my diploma in 1990. To begin with, I specialised in sports massage and other remedial therapies, working alongside Osteopaths in their practices. This exposure to hands-on Osteopathy, seeing its scope and effectiveness in the treatment of a wide variety of musculoskeletal and other conditions inspired me to train as an Osteopath.

Osteopath training is demanding and lengthy. Recognised qualifications are only available from Osteopathic educational institutions accredited by the General Osteopathic Council. I studied at the British School of Osteopathy a world renowned Osteopathic institution and the oldest school of its type in the UK. In 1999, after four years of full time study, I qualified as a Registered Osteopath with a 2.1 Bachelor of Science Honours degree.

I also teach; currently I am principal lecturer in Osteopathic Technique at the Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine, a recognised qualification (RQ) Osteopathic degree course based in North East Surrey College of Technology in Ewell.

I am interested in all aspects of Osteopathic practice but my main focus is structural Osteopathy working with patients on a one-to-one basis. Over the years I have gained a wealth of experience in the treatment of a wide variety of conditions and age groups, always obtaining great satisfaction from successful individual outcomes.

2002 Cranial Osteopathy Stage II & III - Sutherland Cranial College
2002 to date Osteopathic Staff Development Programme
June 2007 Dry Needling, medical acupuncture association
June 2012/13 GOsC Pilot Revalidation Assessor
2014 KT2, KT3 Kinesio Taping Practitioner course

Philip Silk

Philip Silk BSc Hons Ost Med, GOSC & BOA Registered Osteopath

Philip has been honing his skills for several years now, after qualifying from the distinguished Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine.

He has been trained in all types of osteopathic disciplines which include: Classical, Structural, and Cranial Osteopathy; this has given him a greater scope in techniques as well as a highly developed thought process which governs his treatment; he has even trained in one of the original techniques that the founder of Osteopathy, Andrew Taylor Still, used with great success.

His background in several sports and his knowledge of personal training gives him the added opportunity of advising patients on the precise exercises they need for their present condition relating to their personal lives; it also gives him a specialist role for sports related injuries, in particular: tennis, football, rugby, cycling and long distance running.

Due to the speed of development in technology in the modern work place, as well as in the home, Philip has put a lot of work into discovering the best way of treating shoulder, neck and head ache complaints which are becoming more common with the average office worker. Due to this he has added even more skills to his repertoire which include: Western acupuncture / dry needling, Therapeutic Ultrasound treatment, and Kinesio-taping, to name a few.

Philip is continuously treating common conditions like herniated discs with sciatica, plantar fasciitis, "frozen shoulders", etc. but he does enjoy the occasional challenge of the weird and wonderful conditions such as "locked jaw" or facial pains that have been present for 30 years and more, with notable success; his previous experience and good results from treating children and babies with disabilities has helped with these conditions.

Wako (Vaco) Krupa

Wako (Vaco) Krupa HPC Registered, Chartered Physiotherapist

Mr Krupa joined the Parkview team in mid 2011 to replace our previous Physio Mr Wheatley who moved into the NHS sector.

Mr Krupa originates from Poland where he worked as a senior Physiotherapist and manager of a hospital rehabilitation department before moving to the UK. In addition to holding a Masters Degree in Physiotherapy, he has completed further postgraduate qualifications in McKenzie Technique, Kinesio Taping and Functional Osteopathy.

As a fully registered Physiotherapist he is able to see both Private & Insurance patients referred directly to him by any health insurance company as well as victims of whiplash traumas sent to us by medico-legal firms.

In addition to back and neck problems Wako also has a vast amount of experience in post surgical rehabilitation of shoulders, knees & hips as well as Sports injury treatment and pitch side work with local Rugby team Old Reigations RFC.

We do hope that in joining our clinic his skills will help us continue to expand the physiotherapy side of the clinic and build stronger links with local GP's, Insurance companies and the community.

Ricky Outhwaite

Ricky Outhwaite HCPC registered, Chartered Physiotherapist

Ricky qualified from St. Georges University of London as a Physiotherapist.

He realised quite early on that his passion lied within the musculoskeletal field where he has gained valuable experience treating specialised sporting injuries and a wide range of lower back and neck conditions. He has completed further postgraduate qualifications in sports massage, anterior knee pain and courses aiming to restore pain free functional range of movement in the spine and peripheral joints. Serving as the 1st team Physiotherapist for Beckenham Town FC last season and Old Reigatians RFC in their current season has widened his scope of clinical practice in the sport injury and rehabilitation field.

Ricky comes from a long sporting background where he competed at a national level in swimming. From a young age, this made him aware of the importance of correct conditioning and how bio-mechanical imbalances can affect overall performance.

He displays a strong focus on patients learning and understanding the history of their condition, as well as being able to self-manage through self-tailored home exercise programmes in conjunction with Physiotherapy treatment. This has helped his clients achieve their goals, whether it is for recreational, elite sporting purposes or just to regain function post injury.

Nicoleta Popa

Nicoleta Popa MCSP HCPC registered Physiotherapist

Nicoleta completed her Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy at the University of Medicine of Pharmacy, Bucharest (2009). After experience in both hospital and private settings in Romania, Nicoleta moved to the UK and has managed patients within private practice ever since. Clinically, she has vast experience as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist which involves assessment and treatment for a wide range of conditions including spinal, orthopaedic, trauma, sports, overuse and work related injuries, as well as arthritic or neural pain.

Nicoleta has key interests within sports related injuries and functional rehabilitation.

She has undergone extensive post graduate training in manual therapy, exercise prescription, taping and has been involved in gait video analysis assessments.

She is qualified as a Pilates Mat work Level 1 instructor, Level 2 certified Gym Instructor and currently undergoing training to become a Level 3 Personal Trainer.

Personally, she speaks 5 languages and enjoys active participation in sports such as football.

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When I first came to you, I could not put weight fully on my knees and I found it difficult to walk. I was pleased that after only three weeks I felt a difference.I can now take long walks. I can also play my sports without pain. I would certainly recommend you to anyone.

JY, Reigate
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